Photographs from recent visits to Great Britain portraying how individuals comport themselves in various social situations and environments. Ever attentive to nuances of gesture and expression, my images examine the sociological and psychological complexities of contemporary urban life and culture.

A series of portraits documenting college and university students throughout the United States. While offering a balanced and democratic representation of this particular population, my photographs address the evolving values, goals, and expectations of contemporary culture. By documenting a wide variety of students, I hope to provide a collective portrait of higher education in our country.

A celebration of the creative and spiritual work of Reverend H.D. and Margaret Dennis. This elderly couple in Vicksburg, Mississippi devoted more than 20 years of their lives to transforming Margaret’s former Grocery Store into a one-of-a-kind nondenominational church. The Reverend’s signs announced: “Welcome Jews and Gentiles. The True Gospel Preached Here”.

An extensive and ongoing documentation of the rural landscape and culture of the Mississippi Delta and surrounding regions inspired by my ex-wife’s love of southern literature. The title for this series comes from a sign painted by folk artist, Mrs. L.V. Hull, and speaks of my primary objective as a photographer.

A survey of individuals whose lives had been directly affected by The Troubles in Northern Ireland. The seeds for this project were sown many years ago when I heard my great Aunt Carmelita’s mythic tale about her dad’s slicing up her new dress because it was orange.

In 1997, I had the opportunity to teach in London and travel extensively throughout Europe. My photographs explore issues of leisure time, communion with nature, and life on the street.

A selection of portraits from various projects pursued in southwest Missouri.

An investigation of various garden spaces including arboretums, orchards, greenhouses, and wildflower and vegetable gardens that show man’s need, desire, drive to shape and nurture the environment. I portray these garden spaces as examples of a harmonious and supportive relationship, paradigms for all of our dealings with nature.

Photographs from various projects pursued throughout the United States and Britain, inspired by the transcendental potentials of the medium.